Natural Wines

There are many ways to make wine: from planting the vineyard to bottling and everything in between, the viticulturalist-winemaker is making decisions constatntly. On our estate this process is made easier by the fact that we always prefer the more natural ways, thus excluding certain options.

That's way we do not use artificial fertilizers or herbicides, and harvest only manually and with great care so that the grapes suffer the least possible damage through the transportation. No additives other than sulfur are being added to the juice at the cellar, and clarification is done by bentonite and gentle filtration.

Because of these, our wines do not manifest the same flavours year by year, designed and manufactured in laboratories and factories, but reflect the variations of the given year, the characteristics of the excellent terroir. We believe that more exciting, special and tasty wines can be made this way.

To be able to authentically represent the terroir we need concentrated wines, for which effect we cultivate the vineyard with strict harvest restrictions (1-1.5 kg/vine, 500-750 kg/1000 sqm).

For more on these, please see Our Code of Ethics.



The Vineyard

The centre of the estate - and the majority of our own territories - can be found on the southern side of the "Csáford" hill. According to the locals, it is the best vineyard of the neighborhood: it used to be planted full of vine but most of them have been abandoned since.

Our vineyard is situated in the Zala hills region, in the northern corner of Zala county, on the right side of the river Zala (not far beyond its Zalabér bend), sloping South in a West-East laying, closed valley.

We have some newly planted terroirs in Óhíd, right next to Saint Anne's chapel. We also rent terroirs on St George's mountain (Szent György-hegy – on the north bank of the lake Balaton) which is considered one of the most special wine-producing regions of Hungary; and we buy grapes from Dörgicse, also in the Balaton north bank region.



About Myself

For most of us, wine is present in our lives as some mystical drink. Unfortunately, many encounter it in improper ways... I was lucky enough to be always steered towards the civilized consumption of quality wines by my friends and acquaintances.

The idea of actually cultivating vine came up many times in conversation though usually only as a joke. Then in 2010 my parents bought a small estate in Zala county, complete with a tiny bungalow and 200 producing vines. This was the estate that I set off to tidy up and cultivate (back then still "commuting" from the other end of the country, Szeged), only to realise on the fly, that this is indeed what I want to do on the long run.

From this point on only my opportunities restrained my endeavours: I tried to (re)plant the empty fields as well as buy new ones as close as possible. Meanwhile I strove to learn all that I could about vine and wine.

My most important master on this journey of learning was Béla Fekete: the two seasons that I had the privilege to spend in his cellar taught me almost everything I know. His winery played a pioneering role in re-establishing the honour of the Somló wine region after the regime change, and his crystal clear, traditional technique is a valid source for modern wineries, too.

I also attend formal training to strengthen my professional knowledge as a student of the Georgikon Faculty of the University of Pannonia, under the guidance of László Kocsis Dr.

About the Team

I cannot sufficiently emphasize that no vineyard or cellar can operate as a one-man show: without adequat help it is sentenced to death. In our case family and friendly ties play an important role but naturally we can't and shouldn't forget about the hired helpers either, even if they too grow out mostly from our friends.

A few people work for us on an occasional basis, and from March 2019 Áron is our permanent (part-time) employee whose help makes our job more efficient.



 Zalaszentgrót, Déloldal-lap utca 70.
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